Keep your body toned, flexible, and fit with 5 minute sessions you can easily fit into your busy schedule!

The THRIVE IN FIVE SERIES will help you take care of YOU with 5 minute workout and Yoga sessions without:

the frustration of trying to figure it out yourself, wasting time scrolling on YouTube, or having to buy any extra equipment!


You know you'd LOVE to be more consistent with your workout or Yoga practice...but life always seems to get in the way.

With a million and one things for you to do, it probably feels like there's constantly someone or something asking for your attention.

And it's not like your TO DO list ever gets any shorter either right? 

With all of this on your plate you probably find yourself spending all day on the computer and you are feeling it:

the nagging pain in the neck, headaches, slouchy computer posture, sleepy muscles, OUCH!


Imagine having fun 5 minute workouts and Yoga sessions right at your fingertips so you can: 

Start your day or take a break anytime to energize your body, strengthen and tone all over, stretch out your tight spots, and get centered and happy.

Taking care of you doesn't have to be hard and definitely shouldn't be something you skip because there's too many other things for you to do.

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed and exhausted....

Going hard from the moment I woke up til the second I crashed into bed. It felt like there was WAY too much for me to do to even slow down, let alone take breaks. 

But the universe has a funny way of teaching us what we need to learn when we're choosing to ignore it's gentle suggestions.

I pushed myself to exhausted and burn out so I had no choice but to slow down and take breaks. It was a long, rough road back from there believe me.

The experience taught me a lot, including the need to make myself a priority and to learn how to have workouts that were energizing not depleting and that I could do anytime I needed a natural pick me up. 

So Yoga Breaks and mini Workouts were born and now I can't wait to share them with you in the THRIVE IN FIVE SERIES! 


Ready, set, THRIVE! 

The THRIVE IN FIVE SERIES was created with you in mind: the busy woman who wants to stay healthy and fit but doesn't have a lot of time to workout or do Yoga.

Each session in this 5 video series is just 5 minutes long and is jam packed to make the most of each second without you feeling rushed! 

PLUS: I give you the exact THRIVE IN FIVE framework to help you get the results you really want! 

Trust me, I've been personal training and teaching Yoga for 16 years so I can definitely give you a fun, fast, and super effective session!

So if you're finally ready to make taking care of YOU part of your day without it taking all day, then the THRIVE IN FIVE SERIES is perfect for you! 

And it's an incredible value at just $47! 

Session #1: Full Body Workout

Get ready to energize your whole body, strengthen your core, and feel awesome after this full body workout session.

Session #2: Full Body Workout

This session will mix things up and get you moving in all directions to keep you strong, fit, and agile! 

Session #3: Sleeping Booty Wake Up

No more sleeping booty for you after this! Strengthen your glutes, legs and core with this booty bustin' session.

Session #4: Energizing Yoga

This fun practice will help you embody confidence, power, and balance by using standing poses to help you feel centered and grounded.

Session #5: Relaxing Yoga

Need a time out? This session is perfect for helping you de-stress and unwind tension from your neck, shoulders, and back! 

PLUS: You get three month's unlimited access to my signature YOGA AT MY DESK program as a bonus!

Learn how to take a Yoga Break right at your desk to ease tension, focus your mind, boost inspiration, lower stress, and get a natural boost of energy! Sessions range from 2-20 minutes and also include breathing, relaxation, and meditation tools to help you feel calm, clear, and grounded. ($45 value!)

How many 😱HOURS😱 a day do you think you spend in this position? 

You're probably ALREADY feeling the effects of working on your computer all day, so what do you think will happen if you keep going like this.....

How do you think your body will feel in a few months or even years if you don't take action NOW to de-slouch and de-stress yourself?

I know you've been looking for an easy and affordable way to stay strong, healthy, and fit so I created the THRIVE IN FIVE SERIES just for you!

Cardio, Core, Strength, Flexibility, Stretches and Relaxation ALL IN ONE SERIES!

By giving you all of these essential pillars for your health and vitality this innovative series will take the guess work out of exercise and make it easy for you to take care of YOU on every level: mind, body, and spirit!



Five power packed, multi level sessions to help you stay strong, healthy, and fit that you can easily sneak into your schedule whenever you've got 5 minutes!

24/7 lifetime access to: 2 full body workouts, a booty bustin' workout, an energizing Yoga session, and a relaxing Yoga session

Plus as a BONUS you get three month's unlimited access to YOGA AT MY DESK

so you can take care of YOU without it taking all day! 

TODAY'S PRICE: Just $47!