The is a Warrior within you longs to awaken!

Uncategorized Jun 29, 2020

Stand strong like a mountain with unshakable courage?

Have resilient strength of mind and body?

Pause instead of react?

Self-reflect when challenged? 

Have the inner resources to act decisively when needed?

Move beyond fear to a place of power?

Then you my friend, are a WARRIOR! 
Whether you’ve realized that yet or not, and that means that you already have all the qualities that you need to thrive!

You simply need to access them, and live from that place of empowerment. 

Want to learn how to AWAKEN YOUR INNER WARRIOR and live from that powerful place everyday?

Join me for the free live workshop series starting July 6th:

This is definitely not your “usual” Yoga challenge because in this series I’m gonna share the story of Virabhadra the Warrior, the one behind the classic Warrior poses.

And this story is totally going to shift your perspective on Yoga, life, but most importantly YOURSELF so that you see yourself as you truly are: a resilient, strong, vibrant, radiant Warrior! 

Join us to hear this ancient tale and the life changing framework it teaches to help you awaken and embody the YOU for more clarity, confidence and courage to take brave inspired action everyday! 

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See you soon inside the free Workshop series Warrior!



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