FREE 5 day “Desk Yoga” Challenge starts April 22nd!

Did you know that taking short Yoga Breaks throughout your workday is a great way to:
  • ease the chronic tension in your neck and shoulders
  • strengthen your core muscles for better posture
  • balance the effects of chronic sitting
Within just a few deep breaths Yoga Breaks help to boost your productivity by:
  • lowering your stress levels
  • keeping your brain alert and sharp
  • boosting your creativity and focus
I’m so excited to help you get into the habit of taking Yoga Breaks throughout the day with this FREE 5 Day “Desk Yoga” Challenge!!!
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Each day at 7am HST/10amPST/1pmEST  in my  Yoga at My Desk Tribe I will be going live to show you 1 stretch and 1 strengthening move for a different area of your body, plus a breathing exercise to help you focus and quiet your mind!
Then once you have done the done the sequence for the day post a photo of yourself online or in the group and tag @vitalitywellnessmaui and use the #deskyogachallenge.
There will be daily challenges to help you integrate the powerful tools of Yoga into your day and life!
💫Every little bit counts, so after a week you will be well on your way to create a new healthy habit for yourself! 💫
Sign up by HERE:👇🏽
Prizes, encouragement and FUN!!
Got friends, family or co-workers with a desk job? Invite them to join the challenge with you!!!

Are your neck and shoulders sore and tight from sitting for long hours?

Try this 10 minute "Yoga at My Desk" video to relieve this tension, help you sit taller, and give you a boost of energy and focus right at your desk!