Do you remember how much joy you felt when you heard the recess bell sound? Hooray, time to go outside to play!

And within an instant everyone would grab their snacks and head outside to skip, play ball, talk, whatever. Wasn't it fun?

Yoga breaks are brain breaks

Spoiler alert:

It turns out that recess really wasn't all fun and games, it actually serves a purpose!

According to research from Georgia State University, the brain can only focus for 45-50 minutes at a time. In order for it to regain focus, it needs novelty and downtime to process information at high speeds again.

Interesting right?

While you thought you were just out there having fun you were actually:

  • increasing oxygen and blood flow to your brain
  • improving your balance and motor function
  • building healthy muscles and joints
  • lowering stress levels
  • enhancing your hormonal balance and overall well-being

When you returned back to class after this "brain break" (aka: recess ;)) research shows us that you were likely more alert, productive and present.

So where am I going with this?

While a few decades may have passed, the fundamental structure of your brain and chemistry remains consistent. In order for you to perform on your highest level you need to be taking "brain breaks".

And what is great way to take a break that oxygenates your whole system, strengthens your muscles, challenges your mind and energizes your spirit?


Taking regular Yoga Breaks throughout the day is a great way to integrate brain breaks into your day so that you are alert and productive. Even just a few minutes of movement, stretching and conscious breathing are extremely powerful for helping you to ease the chronic tension that accumulates when working on a computer, activate and strengthen core muscles to improve your posture, lower stress levels and feel more alert and productive.

I am excited to announce that I will be running a FREE 5 Day "Desk Yoga" Challenge starting April 22nd in my Yoga at My Desk Tribe. You can sign up for the challenge HERE .

Each day will focus on a different area of the body commonly effected by computer work and teach you a stretch to ease tension, a move to increase stability in the area and a breathing exercise to ground you.

I would love for you to join us, its going to be fun and supportive! I will be going live everyday at 7am HST to walk you through the moves for the day. Plus there will be bonus material and prizes! Sign up for the challenge HERE . Do you have friends, famliy or co-workers that sit at a desk all day? invite them to join you!