Sitting places our glutes in a relaxed and stretched position, which over time can lead them to become weak and difficult to activate. Having a sleeping booty can set the stage for postural distortions, lower back pain, knee issues and mobility bueno!

This sleepiness is called gluteal amnesia (or as I like to call it Numb Bum or Sleeping Booty), meaning that left inactive the gluteal muscles can become dormant and forget how to fire.

This pattern is displayed in the Lower Cross Syndrome, showing us common areas of tightness/restriction in our hip flexors and lower back and weakness/inactivity in our lower abdominals and glutes.

Just like the Upper Crossed Syndrome or Tech Neck that we explored in last weeks post, this pattern gives us an understanding of what might be happening in our lower body and some direction towards resolution!

Finding balance here is important for several reasons (and not just aesthetic ones ;):

~the glute muscles are key players in pelvic stability, posture, and power generation needed for movement, therefore it is essential that they activate when needed~

~the hip flexor muscle group is a keenly involved in our stress response; as they are involved in both fight (contracting the body for protection of vital organs) and flight (to run from the situation). Chronic tension in our hip flexors signals to our body that we are under stress, which increases inflammation, decreases immune function and can lead to long term health issues~

~maintaining an even balance between tone and flexibility is key at any joint, especially at the hip since an imbalance here has the potential to negatively impact your spine and lower body~

Watch this short video to learn a simple move that you can do anywhere to strengthen these powerful muscles, stretch your hip flexors, and awaken your sleeping booty!

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