With much of our day spent sitting down using technology (whether a computer, a phone or a tablet) it's no wonder that rates of "tech neck" are soaring!

Tech neck is referring to the neck and shoulder tension (aka: pain) that we feel after hours on a computer or sitting, which we all deal with to varying degrees.

In fact over 75% of the worlds population are expected to deal with this issue due to the hours spent rounded over a device daily! Since it is so common, I thought you might be interested in learning a little more about what it causing it.

For every inch your head gravitates forward of your shoulders it increases the load on your neck and shoulders significantly. This extra load means more work for your muscles, and tension begins to mount.

What is tech neck?

As this happens our shoulders tend to round forward, which is only intensified by the fact that our our arms in front of us (typing, driving etc) which places our shoulders in a flexed position.

In this less than ideal alignment, tension mounts even more in some muscles (chest, front of shoulders, neck and upper back) while others (middle back, rotator cuffs, lower trapezius) are left unused, leaving them sleepy and weak.

And thus we have tech neck, aka: forward head posture aka: Upper Crossed Syndrome.

What is tech neck and what can I do about it

This syndrome was discovered by Vladimir Janda a Czech physician and physical therapist who became known for his work in the field of skeletal muscle, as well as developing systems to assess and correct movement dysfunction in athletes. Janda is known as the father of the Czech rehabilitation method, known as the "Method of Janda". (Wikipedia)

The Upper Crossed Syndrome is fascinating because it not only explains what it is happening, but it also gives us direction towards a solution: stretch the tight and strengthen the weak!

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